What are the reasons why businesses lose their sales lead? From your customers’ perspective, your business is just like the business of your competitors. You are in the same category as they are, just doing a few things differently. What could set you apart from your competitors in order to win you the sale?

You could have different marketing strategies formulated to increase sales but then, if it is difficult to do business with you, all this effort would be wasted. However, if customers find it very easy to do business with you, you just made your business stand above your competitors.

The key is for your customers to be able to easily get in touch with you no matter the time of day. This is one of the basics of good business practice and customer service. You could accumulate lots of sales leads. But then, you would not want to lose these prospective sales simply because you are so hard to reach.

That’s why first impressions are solidified by the initial phone call from your prospective customers. Which means you need to ensure that your phone system works for every part of your business and all your calls are answered on time. A great business phone system makes you more efficient, more effective and more professional and we can help you with that.

For a start, we provide you with powerful tools to handle incoming calls perfectly.

You have instant visibility over all your extensions, see who is talking with who and even how many calls are queued up.

Imagine your staff sending you an instant message telling you there’s someone on hold for you, and would you like them to take a message?

And you don’t have to be in your office. This works perfectly regardless of where in the world you are.

Or what if you wanted to route your calls without any intervention? You can have your own menu system for people who call in and skip your reception in most cases all together.

Just this instantly makes your company stand out as professional, efficient and reliable because…nobody else does this!

Make a great impression from the second your customers call.

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Even a brief phone system failure can be catastrophic. Fact is – the phone is still the number one tool for doing business. And if your phone system is down… you can’t be making sales, negotiating with suppliers or even running a department effectively.

It’s even worse if you’ve got a tele-sales team whom you’re suddenly paying to sit around and do nothing. Vital sales are lost and paying customers aren’t getting the service they expect.

What kind of damage can even a small failure cost you?

This is why we’ve developed a system with built in redundancies for your business, meaning it’s virtually bullet proof.

It’s just what you should expect from a fully redundant system which means if any part fails, another part takes over from it and you won’t notice a thing.

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